GCJD-250 / 350Fully Automatic High Speed Flat Bottom Paper Bag Machine

GCJD-250 / 350Fully Automatic High Speed  Flat Bottom Paper Bag Machine


The machine for reel original colored paper or drum paper printing, such as kraft paper glossy
paper medical Paper roll consists of a paper bag process by puncture, center glue, color code
length, raw material into a tube, set off long retreat, bottom fold bottom, bottom glue. Pocket
bottom forming, complete finished bag finishing a. The machine operation more convenient,
more efficient more stable is in the production of a variety of different paper bags, fenestration
bread bags,leisure food bag, bag of bread, dried fruit bags and so on environ-mental paper bag
paper bag machine equipment.


1.Using the French Pro-face touch screen man-machine interface, operating at a glance, easy to contr01.
2.Using the Japanese YASKAWA Motion Controller(PC),through the integration with the optical fiber to ensure high-speed operation and stability.
3.Using the Japanese Original YASKAWA servo motor with the German original SICK photoelectric eye correction,accurate tracking printing bag size.
4.The raw material loading and unloading adopts the pneumatic cylinder lifting structure, the roll adopts the full automatic constant tension control.
5.Raw materials China correction using ARISE brand reduce the roll adjustment.


产品型号 Moder GCJD-250 GCJD-350
切袋长度 Length Of Cutting Bag 110-410mm 165-715mm
制袋长度 Bag Length 100-400mm 160-710mm
制袋宽度 Bag Width 70-250mm 70-350mm
插边尺寸 Inserted Size 20-120mm 20-120mm
梯口高度 Bag Mouth Height 15/20mm 15/20mm
纸袋速度 Production Speed 30-300 pcs/min 50-650 pcs/min
纸料宽度 Paper Feed Width 160-780mm 160-960mm
纸料最大直径 Paper Material Diameter φ1000mm φ1100mm
纸料内径 Inside Diameter Of Paper φ76mm φ76mm
纸料厚度 Paper Material Thickness 35-80g/m² 35-80g/m²
工作气源 Working Air Current ≥0.12m³/分钟,0.5-0.8兆帕
more than 0.12m³/minutes,0.5-0.8mpa
more than 0.12m³/minutes,0.5-0.8mpa
整机功率 Machine Power 380V 3phase 4 line 24Kw 380V 3phase 4 line 32.1Kw
整机重量 Total Weight 4500Kg 6500Kg
外形尺寸 Machine Dimension ( L*W*H ) 7100×3000×2200mm 6800×2900×2000mm

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