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Paper bag machine fixed length positioning system


Paper bag machine paper bag fixed-length cutting, the positioning system for fixed length positioning system, only the request of sealing and cutting movement speed to match the bag feeding speed, in order to request fixed-length sealing and cutting.

Print bag positioning system, print bag positioning system for positioning the Shadowed, requests each time the location of the sealing and cutting necessary falls at a specified location.
When making the sealing and cutting the mission, will inevitably encounter a problem; Is every bag length of mission requests may change, and this will inevitably affect our preset bag length of initial value in the system.

Photoelectric sensor and check the paper identified and the gap between the seal cutting S as a fixed value, bag length changes, also will inevitably affect the bag feeding speed and the relationship between the sealing and cutting speed. Thus to achieve the initiative in positioning of the processing, it is necessary to this bag length as a function of interval between S do some adjustments. But this is only useful for sealing and cutting bag printing, and there is no significance in sealing and cutting the paper.
In packaging produce professional, used as a composite thin bags bags can be divided into two kinds: one for paper bag, another for printed bag (bag). Color printed on the bag for photoelectric signal check sensor is other marks.

Sealing and cutting machine active positioning system through the photoelectric signal sensor active check the sealing and cutting machine to the main motor control frequency, and then another photoelectric signal into pulse number and the number of pulses sensor check to compare, and adjust the feed the frequency of the stepper motor, to get to change the feeding speed, make it adapt to seal and cut the main motor sports.

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